Books about RED 2011-12

This collection of books celebrate the colour red. They draw on environments which are almost surreal in the colour. In particular the iron pools of Iceland, canyons of Arizona and the ocre quarries of Provence. Different reds are juxtaposed and overlaid – using crayon, acrylic, digital colour, thread.

The sensuality of red is exploited both through the visual intensity of the hue and through the tactile surface of the page. The ‘virtual’ marks and textures drawn on computer interact with hand drawn marks and patterns.


Red through Red, with box

Red through Red with Box  : A continuous fold book. Two layer construction collapsing into an encaustic collage box

Book : 235 cm x 19.5 x 14.5 Box : 22.5 x 16 x 3.







Red – Redder  book 1

10 cm x 6cm

Continuous Fold Book – stitched pages – collapsing into a hard Encaustic collaged cover



Red – Redder  book 2

12 cm x 8cm

Continuous Fold Book – stitched pages – collapsing into an Encaustic collaged box




Red – Redder  book 3

Box size : 11.5cm x 8cm x 3 cm  : 15 folio pages folded at foredge

detail book 3