Heat Fused Collage : 2014

This collection of books from 2014 explores the potential of non woven fibres for book pages. They have properties of strength and flexiility. They have characteristics similar to paper with fibres which are randomly meshed together, yet unlike paper they don’t tear. Some are thin, highly translucent and flexible. Some fuse together easily. Others such as heavyweight Lutrador are stiff with extremely good folding properties, yet are still slightly translucent.

All polyester fabrics, and some other synthetics will dye and print by thermal transfer (sublimation printing) using disperse dyes – both hand print and digital. Not simply the obvious proprietory non woven fabrics such as Lutrador and Zeelon, but interfacings, waddings and transparent film. In hand dyed transfer print, the colour is applied by painting on to cartridge paper, while digital transfer colour is printed on to a specially prepared paper.

These can all be cut by hand or laser – resulting in fine, yet strong web-like transparent layers. Foils, cloth and paper can be embedded and fused on and between the layers of some of the fabrics without any paste or glue. A superb collage technique.

WEB – Blues

252 X 20 cm
9 folded pages, machine stitched


Unfolding white
31cm x 25 cm (opens to 73 cm)
Heat fused Polyester – hand cut – transfer printed hand cut dyed pages.

Web – white
13 cm x 12.5 cm
Laser and hand cut Lutrador