Solving colour issues : 1999

One issue which emerged in the early inkjet prints was that although the image looked luminous on screen, when printed out, he mixing of different hues caused a darkening of image, and obscuring of detail. This can clearly be seen in two early works – ‘Book of Dreams’, and ‘Light Shadows’. Both of these are printed on to hand made collage substrate.

Book of Dreams

Light Shadows


A two layered book designed to be displayed within, or emerging from its box. The top layer is wax resist on silk georgette, dyed black in a series of washes; the underlayer is a digital layered comp, each page one of a sequence, inkjet printed on collage.


light-shadows-3Page Detail

Solving Problems of colour

River Dreams Sequence

I began to solve the colour problems one by one. On the one hand, I experimented with different paper coatings and sizes on the paper itself, while at the same time, while working on screen images, I used my knowledge of both colour theory and computer imaging – deliberately placing contrasting colours side by side, creating virtual textures; using different effects to brighten and strengthen colour.
I also found ways to embed colour within the collage, and apply it to the surface before printing.