I am  looking at how, in the folded structure, I can strengthen paper – especially if I want to make a hung book. It is interesting to note that whereas I need to fold paper to safely hang it, when I encapsulate paper within polyester pockets and heat laminate it, I can hang a single skin.  I also found that I could create translucent textural effects by crumpling tissue and encapsulating it .


Title Paper web V CUT 2018
size 24cm x 18cm x 2 cm2017 Paperweb v012017 paperweb v02
lasercut Transclear paper
collection Amateras Foundation

Transclear paper


36 cm X 288 cm

Each 12 pages
Abaca paper tissue – heat laminated between Polyester, then laser cutIn Sea Shift an organic inner layer is trapped within a plastic ‘shell’, which protects the fragile paper layer. This plastic shell is deceptively delicate, fragile, even beautiful, despite its mundane origin.


24 x 136 cm x 8.5 cm

date 2016
size 24 x 136 cm x 8.5 cm
each section 24cm x 17 cm
4 layers for each section
materials  laser cut transclear paper