Light shapes : 1996

1996 scroll LSHAPES DET.jpgThe scroll format seemed to be a logical construction method when using cloth. ‘LightShapes’ consists of three overlaid lengths of translucent silk georgette. Each layer has a different sequence of nine resist dyed images. Each layer can be glimpsed through the one above, adding to the visual complexity.. The first layer is monochrome, the second rose, the third cyan. The underlying colours can be glimpsed through the graduated pattern on the monochrome layer. As the silk is unrolled, the layers lifted, the separate images which make up the whole are revealed. Wrapping the three fabric layers is the paper design.
MATERIALS Silk Georgette. silk, paper, wax. Box of wood, with waxed collage


1996scroll LIGHTSHAPE

This book explores a calm ordered space, by revealing, in the image, the seven layers of dye which have been applied. The dyeing technique here is one of adding layer over layer, without washing off wax until the piece is finished. (Unlike the ‘Chaos’ sequence). There is no spatial ambiguity in this method.

Lightshapes 2

1996 scroll LSHAPES 2.jpg