I am interested in what happens when interference colour is overprinted with inkjet colour. I can not directly print over the colour, as it is of course, water resistent, and the liquid ink would pool on the surface, so I embed painted paper shapes under the top layer of Abaca tissue which seems to absorb surplus ink.  The underlying shapes can be seen after the surface has been waxed although, of course, the effect is slightly diffused.

It is difficult to see clearly in a photo, but if you look carefully, you can see shapes which lie under the top layer of paper, appear in the second pic, which dont appear in the first.

What interests me is how the colour changes, when the page is lifted. A page, when being turned has light hitting it from all directions; I wonder if it is more effective than on a wall based artwork.  Would the effect of seeing a continual change of colour encourage a viewer to turn pages – promote interactivity with the book.

Or maybe a kinetic book is the answer. A book which is hung and continually turns, so the colourchange phenomena is seen at its best.