Shadows : 2005

Shadows is a collaborative piece which combines visuals with sound and poetry. The idea is based on old autograph albums, which were kept by a stewardess who worked on the transatlantic liners in the 1930’s, signatures – marks left by people who travelled back and forth between Southampton and New York – the famous and the unknown.Slide0033

About Shadows: The source was an earlier and entirely visual book. Each page in ‘Book of Shadows’ was a digital composition of dozens of layers, which I de-constructed into the separate layers, then placed them on separate timelines in ‘Multi-media, Director’, This allowed each to appear, fade, recur. In the production, sea, shadow and signs constantly shift – while interweaving through layers of time and space are the signatures – relics from a hidden past, and of the shadowy figures who left only their marks behind in the autograph books.

Pat Hodson : visuals : Jessica Hodson : sound : Liz Cashdan : words

I wondered how far I could go with the idea of continual construction, deconstruction and reconstruction; From the different timelines I selected a new sequence of images for ‘Shadows Deconstructed’

Shadows : deconstructed

10x7cm opening out to 170cm (approx)

I also used one timeline, for ‘Wraith’ (It is interesting to note, that I had first used this image sequence for the reverse pages of ‘Blue Shadows’, one of the first inkjet printed books I produced.)

10cm x 6.5cm, opening to 100cm (approx)